Dubai Graphic Encyclopedia: Tribute to A City


'Brussels Sprout' is a Dubai based curatorial magazine on contemporary thinking and emerging art. The magazine is published on a quarterly basis. These free magazines can be downloaded and read across digital platforms like computers, tablets and smart-phones. 

Edited by Spaniards Ignacio Gomez and Blanca Lopez, comes this interesting work of Graphic Design called 'Dubai Graphic Encyclopedia (Version 1.0)'. Sounding more like a tribute to this fascinating city of Dubai, these folks have captured very essence of the city in less than 180 pages. Sold in a limited edition (supposedly 1250 printed copies) version throughout Jashanmal Bookstores across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


I picked my copy last year from Mall of The Emirates store of Jashanmal. The book is pretty attractive on shelf with its thick recycled card paper cover and a neatly inserted yellow CD that has all the artworks of book stored in vector formats. I am not sure if these can be used in design projects. If so, then for a Graphic Designer like me, these files will be of great use for sure.


It starts off like any other encyclopedia in an alphabetical order. Most of the terms that define Dubai and its lifestyle are depicted visually. These are abstract silhouettes or outlines rather than detailed, intricate artworks. Seems like no one thought of this concept before. This work deserves acclaim for its sensitivity towards Dubai and the observations of finer details that usually tend to get ignored. Burj Khalifas and Dhows are fine but no one would think of visual of a Dirham as a unique cultural aspect of Dubai!


One of my favourite pages in the book is 'Palms' (Pages 110-111). Along with the imagery of naturally occurring date palms and others, the authors have also included images of wonderful man made islands like Palm Jumeira, Palm Deira and Palm Jebel Ali... That actually brought a smile on my face! An artist should be humorous  at heart and I am sure the creators of this work are no exceptions. 


Pats on back to Brussels Sprout! Good work.