Expressions of my Beloved One on Canvas...

Those were the lazy weekends here in Dubai. I never took it serious whenever my wife grabbed couple of brushes, handful of oil or acrylic colors and started doing brush strokes over canvases that she bought from a Carrefour-like superstore! Recently, I realized that she had finished 2-3 of such paintings whenever she managed to get breaks from our 3-year old son Hugo's weekend attention seeks! When she displayed her work to me, alas... I thought, hey not bad! I wouldn't do such work myself... Everything seems to have come natural to her and she is not even professionally trained in painting or fine arts, except for our State Board's secondary level drawing certifications.

Shoe-rack corner with ornamentation.Shoe-rack corner with ornamentation.


I thought, why not mount them around our home, and just did that last weekend. I paired two of her paintings and mounted them besides each other  above our shoe rack corner. Actually I am strongly criticized by her for not concentrating much on Home Improvement, doing bad drill holes and spoiling walls... all of which is totally true!! Thankfully, my drill machine had given its assistance to me, the bit didn't break, the wall was friendly and may be I was a bit improved in that trade as well! I thought, the installation turned out pretty interesting. Then we decorated the corner with some of the collected artifacts which, we had stored inside to avoid our little Hugo toying with them and breaking them.


I myself is not an art critic or anything of that sort, but I thought, my wife's paintings looked abstract, where she essentially uses circular elements with radial or tangential strokes of brush. Wonder what these gradient circles or semicircles with vibrant colors mean. She had never discussed her paintings with me, neither I asked about them, keeping this as an unknown idea between us. May be it should be better that way! At times, I wonder if these circles are some kind of maze or puzzle that my wife thinks her life is or is it graphic expression of her mystic thoughts? Whatever it might be, I thought the pieces are doing pretty well over that shoe rack corner! 


You'll never know as when the people whom you love a lot, turn out to be surprisingly creative than you originally thought they are!