Formula One Grand Prix: A look at logo of Indian Circuit

India now joins the elite club of Formula One nations. The Formula One racing season in India is driving world’s attention.

Let us look at the logo of India’s own Formula One Circuit, “The Buddh International Circuit”. According to a press statement published over the website of The Jaypee Group, the contract holder of the track, the philosophy behind the logo goes like this: The name “Buddh International Circuit’ has been chosen with reference to the area where the race track is situated – “Gautam Budh Nagar District” (near Greater Noida) in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

The logo has a stylized “B”, the letter that stands for “Buddh” and for “Bharat”, India’s original Sanskrit name. The saffron, green and white colors denote Indian National Flag. The curves in the stylized “B” represent the lines of a racetrack. “B” is also stylized to create a shape of heart, India’s own ‘apna dil’!

The italic font usage along with ‘chequered flag’ design hints speed and the adrenaline rush. The boldness of fonts represents the confidence and will power required for a speedy sport.

What Wall Street Journal’s Indian ‘journalist’ Diksha Sahni wrote while criticizing the logo actually caused an outrage amongst its readers resulting in fierce comments! She sounded typical ‘complaining type’ having problems with everything in the logo. She has problems with the name “Buddh” as the headline of her blog itself says “What Would Buddha Think?”. She has problems with the corner of B, that might ‘panic an F1 driver’ and ‘predictability’ of Indian tri-color usage.

She spoils the whole show when her thought goes like this: “B in the logo denotes “Bharat,” or India, though Bharat now is typically used to denote rural, backward India, which isn’t exactly what you think of when you think F1.” I have no clue as from where her ‘vast’ knowledge comes from! Even a primary school going Indian kid knows that ‘Bharat’ simply means ‘India’ in Sanskrit. WSJ folks should really implement tight measures while recruiting their journalists.