I have moved to Denmark

I have moved to Denmark, the Land of Vikings (and of course Lego!). Moving to this place was one of the biggest decisions of my life. After having worked in the UAE for more than 18 years, this place sounds like a huge change in many aspects. But then hey, change is life isn't it? Bring it on!


































I have always been a huge fan of Scandinavian Design. I love the minimalistic approach of these people. Even if you see a typical government logo, you will find it created laser-sharp and crisp! They like everything to be in order and well organized just like their streets and neighborhoods. The weather for me was the biggest change, having lived in a hotter place earlier. But loving the pristine nature of this beautiful land, mostly the immense awareness of Danish people towards the nature and environment. My place Sønderborg is a little town in Southern part of Denmark. You hardly find people here and that pleasantly means less traffic! I am intending to create a location independent life and work balance and hope it works!