India Design Council announces winner of "India Design Mark" Logo


India Design Council has announced the winner of nation-wide INDIA DESIGN MARK competition held from 16th May to 16th June, 2011. The logo designed by Vasant Mehar, an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay alumnus was selected as the final winner. That means good designs produced by India will always have this brand mark as a unique standard. Thirteen excellent entries from several leading designers were shortlisted from amongst a total of 201 entries including the winning entry.


The winning Logo:






























The other 12 entries that were shortlisted


The IDC had earlier conducted a failed contest in March and had to scrap the entire process and relaunch the competition after facing strong criticism from Indian design community.

The jury panel was led by Dr. Naushad Forbes, Member of India Design Council and Director of Forbes-Marshall, India. The jury panel consisted of following members:

Dr. Naushad Forbes – Chairman, Member India Design Council.

Ms. Ritu Kumar - Member India Design Council.

Mr. Ravi Poovaiah - Member India Design Council & Graphic Designer.

Mr. Sudarshan Dheer – Industry Expert.

Mr. Mahendra Patel - Industry Expert.

Ms. Preeti Vyas - Inivited Member- India Design Council & Graphic Designer.

Mr. Sundar - Invited Member – India Design Council.

Mr. Shrikant Nivasarkar – Invited Member – India Design Council.


The selection process was based on the guidelines specified by International Council of Graphic Designers (ICOGRADA) – a global apex body of the profession of Graphic Designers.