Panche Fashions: Branding

Panache Fasions is originally an India-based fashion house having an outlet in Abu Dhabi. Panache has a legacy of creating fine hand-made designer wear and hand-crafted shoes.

Panache wanted me to come out with a dynamic corporate identity for their line of ethnic and international fashion-ware. My job included designing a fresh logo and related corporate collaterals including the signboard for the newly opened showroom.

“It would be a pleasure to give a recommendation of Wilson’s services, designing grasp and presentation ability. His service was not only within the time period requested, but also was extremely professional & classy with a great marketing acumen. He has a way of capturing the thought process of the customer and representing the same in a clear, concise and artistic manner.

Sunil Chandanani
Panache Fashions L.L.C.