Upasana Retreat - Must be real fun!

I was supposed to visit this place in my last vacation. Sad I was not able to make it... Whenever I see the pictures of Upasana retreat's breath-taking scenery, it feels so lovely! Upasana is situated overlooking the picturesque village of Samse, bordering the Kudremukh national park at an elevation of 960 metres above sea level.

The village is spread out across a wide area and is sparsely populated. The kudremukh national park on the borders of the village is a densely forested wildlife sanctuary, home to a wonderful variety of flora and fauna and is also a designated tiger reserve. It remains as one of the last biodiversity hotspots in the country. Upasana is also surrounded by numerous hills with terraced tea gardens, coffee plantations and rice paddy fields. There are several lovely walks along these hills, which shelter sparkling streams and water cascades.


The weather here is very moderate. Winters tend to be cool with the day temperatures hovering around 24 deg C while the night temperatures can drop to 8 deg C. Summers are very pleasant with cool evenings. The highest temperature during day could reach upto 30 deg C. The monsoon begins early June, the rains are usually very heavy with the average rainfall being upto 110 inches per season. This makes it inconvenient for outdoor activities.

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